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    Estate planning Lawyer Long Island City, Estate planning is indispensable to ensure that your legal and medical affairs are carefully planned for during your lifetime and after, so that your legal interests and those of your loved ones are protected and your healthcare intentions are carried out.  All estate plans are... Read more »


    Personal Injury Lawyer Long Island City NY If you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, and have questions about your legal rights, or want to be compensated for your pain and suffering, or want those at fault to be held accountable, the Law Offices of Tenzin Wangyal can... Read more »


    Real Estate Lawyer Long Island City NY Many real estate disputes can be prevented by consulting an attorney before entering into a transaction. In the jurisdictions of New York and Massachusetts, the Law Offices of Tenzin Wangyal can assist in the following: Lease Drafting and Review Landlord-Tenant Disputes Purchase and Sale... Read more »


    Small Business Lawyer Long Island City NY Forming a business or creating an entity for an existing business is complex, and failure to comply with the litany of legal formalities can cause problems down the road. Attorney Tenzin Wangyal can ensure that the business entity is properly created and/or the... Read more »


    Civil Litigation Lawyer Long Island City NY The Law Offices of Tenzin Wangyal represents clients in various civil venues including jury trials, bench trials, arbitration and mediation hearings, as well as administrative hearings. Attorney Tenzin Wangyal is committed to work tirelessly to bring about the best results for his clients, also... Read more »


    Criminal Defense Long Island City NY For anyone arrested or accused of a criminal offense, it is important to have a competent criminal defense attorney at your side. You should not speak to any law enforcement officer or prosecutor concerning the charges against you without your attorney present. Attorney Tenzin... Read more »


    Other Legal Matters Attorney Tenzin Wangyal has a General Practice in the jurisdictions of New York and Massachusetts, and handles other legal matters in addition to the specified core areas of practice.  If you have any questions about any legal matter that is important to you, please feel free to... Read more »

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